Getting ready for that move? We know the drill. You've likely been hauling boxes home from your office, helping your friend clean out that stash of cardboard from their garage or attic, or even desperately trying to hit up your local grocery store for whatever packing materials you can get your hands on. However, not all boxes are created equal. Even though it's possible to get many useful boxes for free, you won't want to trust your valuables - especially anything delicate or breakable - in a box that's already been crushed, broken-down, used or reused, or taped and retaped. Most boxes are designed to go on a maiden voyage, and that's it; they're done. Successive reuses compromises their overall quality and weakens their structure, not to mention the possibility of bugs setting up shop if they've been poorly stored. 

Your best bet? Recycle those old cardboard boxes, and invest in new ones that'll help you get the job done right. So which box is best? Here's the breakdown, no cardboard box pun intended.

1.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box: The smallest box sold; best used for small, heavy objects like books, records, cans, jars of food, utensils, flatware, shoes, etc.

3 Cubic Foot Moving Box: Frequently used interchangeably with the 1.5 cubic foot box. It's often referred to as the lamp or lampshade box.

3.5 Cubic Foot Moving Box: As the box gets larger, use it for lighter objects, such as pillows, bedding, and stuffed animals.

6 Cubic Foot Moving Box: Use for the lightest objects; if you pack heavy items in this box, it will be difficult to move.

Picture or Mirror Moving Box: A four-piece box that can come in large or small sizes. It can be customized by telescoping in and out; use crumpled packing paper in the corners to add cushion and make sure to wrap your mirror or picture with bubble wrap before placing it in the box.

Wardrobe Moving Box: Allows clothes to be transported on hangers; includes a metal bar along the top of the box to hang clothing.

Boxes for Moving Dishes: Also called a barrel, dish barrel, or dish box. It's usually used for kitchen items. It's the strongest box available, so you can depend on it to pack fragile, breakable items like china.

Dish Pack Inserts: This is cardboard that goes inside the dish boxes to form individual cells for fragile items. Insert extra cardboard pieces when necessary to cushion your box.

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