So, the name of our business is Blue Truck Moving, but we do so much more than moving alone. In fact, depending on the stage of moving that you’re in, you just might start calling us Blue Truck Communication Company after a few phone calls with us. (On second thought, that might get a little confusing, so maybe not.) But seriously - communication is such an incredibly important part of the moving process. Blake explains in our video below:

Everything starts with communication, from the estimate all the way to the last piece of furniture or box that comes off of the truck. We start all jobs the same: by giving each and every customer the same level of respect and by listening to their individual needs. 

The communication between the guys on the job is also just as important as the communication we have with our customers. Each and every process involved with loading and unloading the truck starts with clear, meaningful communication. In the end, the success of your entire move - and our entire relationship with a customer - is built on a foundation of communication.

In need of a moving and packing company in the Little Rock area? You’ve found us! Blue Truck Moving proudly offers home packing services, delivery services, boxes for moving, and much more. Need to get in touch with us? Click HERE. We simply can’t wait to communicate with you! (See what we did there.)